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Doors, windows and roller shutters

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The types of aluminum windows vary according to their shapes and movements and can be mainly divided into 4 types:

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  • Aluminum sliding windows

  • Aluminum hinged windows

  • Fixed aluminum windows

  • Flap aluminum windows

The thickness of the aluminum should range from one and a half to 2 mm, which is the best type of aluminum. The width of the aluminum strip ranges from 12 to 15 cm.

The best aluminum windows are those that provide sound and thermal insulation for the windows by providing residential comfort inside the house. It is preferable to use double glass aluminum windows for complete absence of sound and noise.

There are also different raw materials of aluminum, such as:

  • Small

  • Big

  • Jumbo, Sherif Ali Hassan

  • UPVC

We are also distinguished by using the best Turkish sectors and using high-quality accessories. We work with French Saint Gobain glass, which is considered one of the best types of glass in the world and the best locally, 6 mm thick

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Roller shutters

Roller shutters are a product that is installed after the aluminum profile on the facade side to complete the aesthetic appearance and provide means of protection from weather factors, safety from thefts, and complete sound and noise insulation.

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Prevents annoying external light and sounds

  • Maintains the internal temperature of the room

  • Protects all facilities from theft or vandalism

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Types of roller shutters

There are many shapes and types of roller shutters, including the following:

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Zincalume roller shutter

Zincalume roller shutters are shutters made of steel, which provides maximum protection.
It is also equipped with a special accessory for opening the shutters. It is characterized by strength and durability. It is sound and noise insulated. It is also resistant to various weather factors. The most important thing that distinguishes it is that it does not require periodic maintenance.

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Armored roller shutter

The armored roller shutters ensure complete safety and protection against theft. They are made of iron and zinc, which provide strength and solidity against breakage, in addition to aluminum, which resists rust and weather factors.
The armored roller shutter is equipped with safety holders that prevent it from being lifted from the outside. It is preferable that it be of the electric type so as not to lose its advantage of protection against thefts.

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Hard foam aluminum shutters

The hard foam roller shutter is made of insulated aluminum sheets and injected with foam (polyurethane). It is characterized by controlling the degree of light and air entering during opening and closing. It is also sound and noise insulating and is painted with polyamine, which works to protect the aluminum from rust.
There are two types of hard foam aluminum shutters
4.5 cm slat and 5.4 cm slat

How to operate a roller shutter

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Manual operation via tape
The tape is a mean of opening and closing the shutters and can support a weight of 13 kg
Manual operation via handle
The handle is a stick that works to open and close roller shutter slats and can bear a weight of 15 kg
Electric operation (remote control)
It works with electricity through automatic lifting units that allow the shutter to be controlled remotely using a remote control or by smart control through a phone application for smart homes to control the opening and closing of the shutter at any time and any place outside the home.
Electric start (motor with key)
Motors are considered the best way to control the shutter and save a lot of effort, ease of use and luxury. They can also bear heavy weights of up to 215 kg.

The electric shutter works with a motor through automatic lifting units that allow the roller shutter to be opened and closed.

Roller shutter prices
Roller shutter prices vary to suit all classes and satisfy all customers. Prices vary due to several factors, including:
Type of materials used for roller shutters
Type of motors used
The color of the roller shutter, as the price of colors other than white and beige increases
Services and additions provided by the company, such as supply and installation services.
The price per square ranges from 1950 to 3800
While the price of motors ranges from 2300 to 6500
We provide the best and finest materials used in the manufacture of roller shutters for customer satisfaction and comfort.
We provide the longest warranty period for repair items. We provide periodic and complete maintenance for all types of roller shutters.
Full commitment to delivery dates. Our prices are reasonable for all classes, and we are interested in satisfying all customers.

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Dressing rooms, shower cabins, and bathroom units

Dressing rooms

It is a room designated for arranging and changing clothes of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Its designs vary based on the desire of its owner. It is often found in homes with large areas and villas.

Types of dressing rooms

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Closed dressing room

According to this design, the room is closed, that is, not open to everyone. This is done either by using sliding doors or a hinged door made of reflective glass, or even a set of curtains to protect the purpose. The room is usually attached to another room, such as the bedroom, for example.

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Dressing rooms made of HPL panels

They come in classic wooden colors, so if you are a fan of wooden colors that give a sense of luxury, these strong wooden panels will be your best choice for designing your dressing room.

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Open dressing room

According to this design, the room is without any doors or drawers. The closets appear open, with clothes in them, some of which are arranged in ornate shelves and others are hung on a chain of hangers. They are distributed in this manner throughout the room. The design of the room in this case depends on mirrors along each wall, which makes it appear more spacious.

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Dressing room mirrors

It is designed in a practical and mobile way so that you can look at the entire appearance and does not take up a large practical space. It is made of high-quality mirrors.

We choose high-quality Goodwood for the countertop

The dressing room industry is the most important reason for our excellence and success in this field

If you decide to dispense with the closet and create a drying room, we will help you reach the latest designs and exploit the spaces

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Shower cabins and bathroom units

We are distinguished by using high-quality accessories
We worked with French Saint Gobain glass, which is considered one of the best types of glass in the world and the best locally, 6 mm thick.