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Types of kitchens


A high-quality product characterized by a degree of gloss of 99% and high resistance to scratching at a rate equal to 3 Newtons
Withstands temperatures up to 140
It has the highest scratch resistance and surface abrasion resistance

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It is a mixture of aluminum and wood color. Khshamonuim is made from aluminum and the paints used for it are electrostatic paints.
This type of kitchen combines the advantages of aluminum, which is not susceptible to the presence of fungi and insects, an elegant wooden shape, and wooden colors, but one of its disadvantages is that it is expensive.
It is also resistant to water, temperature and humidity, and is also resistant to rust

المتحدة جروب

Good wood

Soft Touch boards are 100% natural contour boards without any MdF additives.
It has a soft texture and a matte shape
A completely insulating material against water and moisture, resistant to scratches, stains and fingerprints, withstands heat and is completely anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

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It is characterized by its many colors and shapes, which makes it very suitable for many tastes. It is also fire-resistant, heat-insulating, and moisture-resistant. It is a material that can be formed and bent, so various designs can be obtained from it that suit all spaces. It is also distinguished by its moderate price.

المتحدة جروب

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