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What is PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC for short)?

UPVC is a widely used plastic material and one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry. UPVC is the best material for modern doors and windows because of its many advantages such as:

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  • Dirt and dust proof windows

  • Condensation and salt corrosion resistant windows

  • Insulated and heat-resistant windows

  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and oxidants

  • High accuracy in sealing

  • Less air leakage

  • High ability to isolate electricity

  • Excellent heat insulation and shock resistance

  • High resistance to water, rain, weather factors, acids and oxidation

  • Attractive and elegant appearance

  • Strong and durable windows and doors

  • Completely sound and noise insulated windows

  • If you suffer from the sounds of cars and street showers, UPVC windows will let you get rid of all these problems.

  • PVC windows are considered the best soundproof windows in Egypt, and there are no gaps in PVC windows because we use heat welding, so the window is as if it was one piece.

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PVC windows and doors are also distinguished by their low prices compared to their quality and the value they provide to the customer

It is also characterized by its hardness and durability, as chemically modified PVC is characterized by a high degree of hardness and durability.
The PVC door and window sections are reinforced from the inside with galvanized iron parts to give them the highest degree of rigidity, which makes them the first choice for those wishing to obtain doors and windows that have a secure locking mechanism in order to enhance security.

المتحدة جروب
المتحدة جروب

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